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Our Story

Inspiration is everything.

Our Story - Inspiring

How it all began.
Paul  “Ryker”  a biker and an Engineer, had a dream of the  African  Biker Nation rallying together  in the support of less privileged children
The concept of Ryker’s Ride was formed as a Biker fundraising and awareness ride that unites the African Biker Nation to support and highlight the work of children’s charities and also highlight the plight and needs of less privileged  children..
Ryker’s Ride motto- – be charitable and help others.
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Our approach

Rykers’ Rider wants to see a world where Education, health care and social amenities reaches the people that needs it and help create a better life. We believe we are able to achieve this goal because we are practical, enterprising and collaborative in everything we do.

The Impact

Riders is working to make sure the ‘last mile’ is the most important mile in health care delivery. We are creating, showing and sharing the solutions for achieving equitable health care, even for people who live in the most remote places.

Our Partners

We find that companies who work with us, stay with us, because we bring something different to their business which helps them stand out to their customers, makes their employees proud, and because they can see the impact our partnership has on people’s lives in Africa.

We’d love you to be our next partner.

To discuss the opportunity of working with us, please contact us on: info@rykersride.com

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